Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Well Riley is officially a walker now and I (momma) can hardly keep up! She is getting so big and can say a whole bunch of new words including, "banana", "uh-oh", and her first animal noise "QUACK!". Ducks are her favorite animal now and she loves to quack whenever she sees one.

Every 4th of July our family on the Watkins side goes to the Oregon Coast for a few days. This was Riley's second year of playing at the beach, but really her first one where she can actually enjoy and understand what is going on. She loved the aquarium and she especially loved playing in the sand while Daddy played football with the boys. She would lie down on her tummy on the sand and put her head down to feel the warmth on her cheeks. Then she would flap her arms up and down making sand angels and getting sand EVERYWHERE! Bath time that night was always a little crazy and I'm sure the hotel housekeepers really appreciated us.

Overall it was a huge blast and we took lots of pictures. Enjoy!

Cousin Logan rolling in the sand!

Aunt Kylie, Riley, and Momma at the beach

Riley loves the sand!

All American Daddy and Daughter!

Little American Riley waiting for the parade and enjoying her snack.

America pride at the 4th of July parade!

Mom and Riley at the Seaside Aquarium. Riley loved touching the live creatures.

Dad and Riley feeding the seals at the aquarium.

All of us walking on the beach looking for sand dollars.

Dad and Riley riding a seahorse on the carousel.