Sunday, February 7, 2010

So I watched "Julie and Julia" this weekend and it totally got me into a blogging mood! :) So here are my latest thoughts... I am SO blessed! I have two beautiful, healthy children and an amazing husband who has been getting up early in the morning with Riley on the weekends so I can sleep in a little more... To top it off, today at church Joshua gave Gideon his baby blessing and it was such a sweet experience. As I sat there with all of my family (on both sides) surrounding me, taking up two pews, I was overwhelmed with a sense of joy! It doesn't get much better than having your family so close and so wonderful. Josh gave Gideon a beautiful blessing and Riley jumped from family member to family member the whole meeting. It was wonderful! How sweet my life is! :) Here are some pictures from our latest adventures in January and today at the blessing.
What a handsome man!

Gideon in his first 0-3 month outfit!

Riley loves kissing Baby Brother!

Gideon fell asleep to the blow dryer! :)

Gideon's blessing outfit. What a handsome little baby. That's also his fighting fist up there! :)

The Byrd Family after the blessing

Aunt Ninny with little Gideon