Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Driving in the car....


"Yes, Riley?"


"I said, yes Riley?"

"Mommy, Mommy, mommy!"

"Riley, what? You need to be quiet because brother is sleeping. So what do you need?".


"Waaaaa" (Gideon awake and crying now)

"Mommy! Oh no! Baby brother crying! Baby brother crying!"

(sigh from me....)

...welcome to my life :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm so glad it is finally getting warm outside! The flowers have started blooming and the kids and I have really enjoyed going on walks to the park for picnic lunches lately. In the evenings when Josh gets off of work we like to take walks around our new neighborhood as a family too. Riley is learning her colors and likes to tell me every color she sees as we go along. Gideon is getting so big and just found his hands this last week. It is so funny watching him try and put his binky and fist in his mouth at the same time. Riley is such a big helper now and loves to help mommy with all the chores around the house. She is an expert sweeper and loves to put the silverware away in the drawer, and put clothes from the washer into the dryer for mom. She also is such a good big sister. She always makes Gideon laugh and helps with bringing diapers when he needs a change too. Today is Gideon's 3 month old mark and we went and got all these pictures taken today. The kids just kill me with how cute they are (I'm somewhat partial) and it was fun to dress them up. LoLo (their cousin) came and did pictures with us too and afterwords we all went to eat a special lunch in the mall. What a busy day, but fun. I can't believe it is April already! Time goes by so fast I can hardly keep track. I'm so excited for summer and all the fun trips we can do once the weather gets warm. I miss camping!

Riley at her Easter Egg hunt

My little angels

My handsome Gideon on his 3 month mark

my Riley Pie at 22 months

Cousin LoLo, Riley Pie, and Baby Brother