Thursday, June 17, 2010

Where is SUMMER?!??! It is still as cold as spring and it is the middle of June! I just don't understand! So much for global warming right?

Although it has still been pretty cold and raining out, we have rebelled and purchased a little pool to play with outside along with our new beautiful grass. We just fill the pool up with heated water from inside and Riley and Gideon swim and splash around. We will swim no matter what!

Latest funny Riley story:

Whenever we are eating strawberries Riley knows that you don't eat the green leaves on top. We always say "that's the icky part." So yesterday I let her try celery for the first time ever. She was super excited to eat it and grabbed a piece right away and took a bite. She immediately spit is out and threw it in the garbage mumbling to herself, "icky part... icky part." Then she took another bite and proceeded again to spit it in the garbage and say, "icky part!" She did this again and again until the celery stick was almost gone and must have decided that the whole thing must just be gross because she glanced up to see if I was watching then threw the whole thing in the trash as quick as possible. Later she only wanted the celery when she saw peanut butter on it and licked all the peanut butter off and left a pile of beautiful clean green celery on the table. :) Daddy's response was "What a good girl! Who likes celery anyway?!?!"

Gideon is 5 months old!

My best friend and me!

Happy 2nd birthday Riley!


Davis' said...

I can't believe Gideon is already 5 months. Riley sounds just so cute! Adorable family!

Randa said...

I'm with Riley - celery is the icky part :)

Glad to see your family is cute as ever and growing like weeds.

Miss you, friend! :)